ourwork-logosYour team is made up of true professionals from the initial walk through of the venue, to the set up, to the staffing. Please pass along to the staff that we appreciate their enthusiasm and dedication to the event. They are always easy and good to work with and your organization lends confidence to the project from the very start.

I appreciate you all immensely. You allow us to put a product out there that we are proud of and that justly celebrates the occasion. I hope you are as proud of the job you did as I am proud of you. It was excellent! Per usual, I can never thank you enough for the effort, time and passion. Thank you!!

“Your team was so on point it’s ridiculous! Such an improvement from what we had last year! I’m super thankful for the partnership.
Your team was hands on and ready to jump at all times. Tell them thank you for me personally!”

“What extraordinary jobs all of you did to create such a magnificent experience for so many. Miracle workers, all.
We are grateful to you!
Thank you. We are deeply appreciative”

“As the resident video engineer in my world on a week in, week out basis, it was so refreshing to have people smarter than me dealing with issues so I could focus on the big picture. That was worth it for me personally.”

“We cannot say enough about your guys. They are unbelievable and NO WAY we could have done this with any other company. No attitudes. Great work ethic. Just awesome. So glad I googled Small HD Mobile Truck seven years ago!!!!!!! All your guys are frickin ROCKSTARS.”

“First and foremost I want to say how pleased I was with this years event. TNDV was top notch! I couldn’t have been more pleased. Very professional, fun to work with, and everything looked great. The number one thing I’ve heard is just how great video looked. It was such a pleasure working with them.“

“Thank you for another fantastic broadcast! The level of professionalism, excellence of production and positivity that your team brings is the true driving force behind these broadcasts. Even with all of the last-minute changes and technical issues, your team remained in pursuit of a top tier experience for our fanbase.”

“It was so great working with you and your team in Nashville. Working with such a good, competent team makes such a huge difference, I cannot thank you enough! I hope to work together again in the future.”

“The remote was a tremendous success. Your crew made it happen technically — everyone was at the top of their game. TNDV was flawless! Get ready for next year.”

“I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while now and I get so busy that I walk out without sharing my thoughts.  You and your team are such a delight to work with.  Every single person on your crew is always so kind and calm under immense pressure.  And on top of that, you guys always stop what you’re doing to help someone, even though you have a ton of work on your plate.  I’m so relieved when I find out TNDV is onboard.  Thank you for your superb professionalism.  It’s rare these days.  Congratulations on your success and I’m excited to see what new ventures lie ahead for TNDV.  Please tell your guys how much they are appreciated.”

“Just wanted to let you know, your crew did a great job last week.  There is no better feeling then when I remember something that needs to be done and I worry that I forgot to communicate it, then come to find the TNDV crew has already done it.  You guys are like mind readers!”

“Let me thank you again for providing such a great service.  Your truck always works flawlessly and your crews are a pleasure to work with.”

“TNDV is by far best live production company I have ever worked with. Nic always brings tons of ideas to the table and, most importantly, always executes flawlessly.  I trust TNDV because they have always delivered for us. They are experts in their field so that I don’t have to be.  We have worked with Nic and his team for 5 or 6 years now and the experience we have with TNDV literally gets better every time.  Our show has grown into a major national event due in large part to Nic’s tireless efforts and willingness to find a way to make it happen.”

“It was a great show! One of our best ever. They air next weekend on ESPN. I think 5 hours total. Your guys were great, they took really good care of us and it was a pleasure having them there. We are a little strange and they seemed to fit in like they have known us forever. I really like your trucks. It was perfect for us. Nic I really think this will become the new norm for us. I am pretty sure we will use your trucks from now on. You will now be my first call every time.”

“It has become a rare opportunity to work with such a well equipped team.  We had not only all of the crew we needed to do the project correctly, but all of the information we needed as well.  This is becoming more and more rare, and your team insists on it.”