20150903_140459_resizedAfter working in television since the age of 12, Jackson, Tennessee native Nic Dugger founded TNDV: Television, LLC. in October of 2004. The company began with the construction of a small all-digital mobile television production truck serving the Middle Tennessee area. To get the company started, TNDV provided part of the mobile TV facilities for the 2005 Presidential inauguration in Washington D.C., and Governor Bredesen’s 2005 State of the State address for the state of Tennessee, broadcast on WNPT and PBS station across Tennessee.

After a few years on his own, Nic was proud to add additional engineering support staff to the company as TNDV launched their first expanding side truck (Aspiration) in June of 2011. Aspiration was followed very shortly thereafter with the addition of the production truck previously owned by Middle Tennessee State University. It was the same truck that Nic and his staff worked on as college students. “Inspiration” became the 3rd HD truck in the fleet, and what an honor it was to own a truck with so much history and sentimental value to the staff.

As more staff was added, TNDV then completed construction of one of 3 high input capable audio mixing trucks in this part of the country. Vibration would soon become an invaluable part of the TNDV inventory.

With 4 trucks and 2 fly packs, TNDV made the leap and purchased their own building in May of 2013. “TNDV: World Headquarters” would change the way TNDV did production, and allow the staff to grow even larger. An uplink truck and a 5th and 6th production truck were added to the inventory in 2014 and 2015.

10154985_869346053079058_8046716754016214933_nAs we enter year 13, now with 8 HD trucks in the fleet and 6 fly packs moving across the country each day, TNDV averages over 350 remote productions per year. Productions can be seen nightly on PBS, CMT, GAC, ABC, and many other networks. TNDV was proud to have a TV truck at the White House for special invitation only concert for President Obama in 2009. Bluegrass Underground, The Final Four, The CMA Awards, and many other notational network shows and series are what keep TNDV busy as we continue to grow.