HD & 4K Flypacks

Fly-packs have become part of TNDV’s toolbox, and with 6 options available, we are ready to answer the demanding call of your productions.

Do you need an audio flypack with ProTools? One with more than just 48 inputs? We can help.

Do you need multiple multi-viewers and real SMPTE fiber cameras? That is standard.

Do you need something simple, perhaps only 4 or 5 inputs?  We have what you need.

Unique to TNDV is the ample video infrastructure incorporated into the design of our systems. Large routers and large video and audio recording racks are standard hardware with any TNDV fly-pack option.

If a production truck is not the right choice for your show, TNDV is ready for live television events, concert tours, or corporate events.


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