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TNDV is very proud to own this truck – this is the former student truck at Middle Tennessee State University. Most everyone on staff at TNDV has worked on this truck in another life, and after a top-down rebuild of the audio, video, and intercom system, Inspiration stays very busy for us today.

With a 3ME HD switcher and a 64 input digital audio suite, we keep Inspiration busy with a lot of sports. This truck has done multiple seasons of weekly football and basketball and many other sporting events. For entertainment, Inspiration has both a ProTools record system and a backup multi-track recorder. The truck also has the ability to ISO record as many cameras as you would like as ProRes or DNxHD QuickTime files.

Inspiration has been a part of the TNDV family for a long time, we are ready to show you why it is such an important truck to us.


Detailed Truck Specifications

Production Systems
Grass Valley K-Frame Compact Switcher Frame
Grass Valley Korona 3-Stripe 25-Button Control Panel
3 M/Es available, 32 input, 16 output, FlexiKey and Double Take
6 Keyers per ME, 2 iDPMs, 2 Chroma Keyers

Graphics Facilities
Wired for 1 Dual Channel CG System, built to show spec
Available CG Systems include:
Ross XPression Dual Channel
Chyron Duet HyperX 3 Graphics System
Pinnacle Deko 3000 Dual Channel
ProPresenter 6 System on iMac w/ Alpha Channel Capability

Camera Equipment
Wired for up to 10 SMPTE CCUs, built to show spec
Available Lenses include:
Fuji 4.5 HD Wide Angle / Canon 4.7 HD Wide Angle
Fuji 20X HD Standard Zoom Lens
Fuji 42x HD ENG Long Lens / Fuji 50x HD EFP Long Lens
Fuji 66x HD EFP Long Lens
Fuji 72x HD EFP Long Lens / Canon 72x HD EFP Long Lens
Fuji 88x HD EFP Long Lens / Canon 86x HD EFP Long Lens
Canon 100x HD EFP Long Lens
Available Tripods include:
Sachtler v18 & v20 Heavy-Duty ENG Tripods
Sachtler OB2000 Long Lens Tripods with Vinten Vector 70 & Vector 90 Pan Heads
Additional Available Camera Components include:
Panasonic AW-HE120 Robotic 3 CCD Camera w/PTZ Controller
Marshall HD POV Cameras
9′-24′ JimmyJib Triangle Jib Arm

DDR / VTR Systems
Abekas Tria Key/Fill Clip Player
AJA Helo H.264 Recorder
Wired for up to 12 DDR/VTR Record Decks for camera iso, built to show spec
Available Recorders include:
AJA Ki-Pro Rack Digital Disc Recorders
AJA Ki-Pro Ultra Digital Disc Recorders
Wired for 1 Replay/DDR Servers, built to show spec
Available Replay Servers include:
Abekas Mira 8CH HD

Audio Facilities
Soundcraft Vi3000 Console 32 Local Analog Inputs / 24 Local Analog Outputs
64 Remote Fiber Stagebox Microphone Preamps / 32 Remote Fiber Outputs
Soundboard Touchscreen Audio Playout Software
DirectOut M.1k2 16 port MADI Router
ProTools HD 64CH MADI Multitrack Recorder running on Mac Pro Tower
Sound Devices Pix270 64CH MADI Multitrack Recorder
TC Electronic Finalizer

8 Sennheiser Shotgun Mics
4 Telefunken M80 Handheld Mics
2 Audio Technica Wired Lav Mics
Additional Mics available on advance request

Intercom System
RTS ADAM 80-port Digital Matrix Intercom
KP-12 or KP-32 at every truck position
8 RTS PL Channels
8 RTS IFB Channels
2 RTS TIF2000 Telephone Interface
SAP 1626 Dialup
Motorola Radio Interface for 1 Two-Way Channel
6 UHF Two-Way Portable Radios
Freespeak Wireless Intercom (available on request)

Telex Lightweight Headsets for Truck Positions
Sennheiser Single & Double Muff Crew Headsets
David Clark High-Noise Single & Double Muff Crew Headsets

10 RTS BP-325 Beltpacks
RTS 2 Channel Biscuit Boxes
Lectrosonic Wireless IFB Beltpacks (available on request)
Shure Axient Wireless Mics (available on request)

Terminal Equipment
96×96 Imagine Communications Platinum HD-SDI Router
4 Multiviewer Outputs
4 HD-SDI Quad Split Multiviewers
4 HD-SDI Audio Embedders
TSL Tallyman Tally Interface
Avocent Matrix KVM System for remote CG locations
3 Utility Frame Syncs
13 Utility HD Universal Converters (4 with color correctors)
8 HD Distribution Amplifiers

Cable Inventory
1750′ DT-12 Audio Multi-Cable
8000′ SMPTE Fiber
500′ 6 Pair Audio
275′ 5 Wire BNC Mult
1000′ TAC12 Fiber Mult
1860′ Single BNC
2900′ Single XLR
1180′ Cat5 Data Cable
360′ RTS Matrix Intercom Cable
500′ RTS Matrix Intercom 8-pair Mult Cable
420′ Power Cable

Power Requirements
Single Phase, 100 Amps, 208 Volts 2 Hot Legs, 1 Ground, (No neutral required)
150′ feeder cable with camlock connectors

Truck Dimensions
International 4400 Diesel GVW – 42,000 Lbs
Dimensions – 42ft L, 9ft W, 12.6ft H – 14′ width with stairs

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