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Vibration is TNDV’s powerhouse mobile audio unit designed to do the high-end heavy lifting for the most demanding of productions. The Studer Vista Digital Mixing System drives a flexible workflow that is simple and reliable freeing the engineer to create and focus on complex situations.

The new Vibration chassis includes a dual mix booth architecture that can also be used as a flex workspace, allowing dual mix positions, video production space, auxiliary production space, or whatever use you have for a comfortable, quiet room.

256 inputs can be spread out for miles amongst multiple stages at festivals via single mode fiber while simultaneously recording every input redundantly and creating music mixes for multiple feeds. In addition to the extensive DSP processing provided by Vista, Vibration features the popular Waves Mercury Plug-in bundle with dedicated processing via the Soundgrid Extreme DSP Server.

Creating 5.1 music mixes for live broadcasts of award shows, primetime dramas, or epic tribute shows is demanding work often leaving the team stranded in the truck for long periods of time. When catering is a twenty-minute walk from the dock Vibrations lounge is there to provide a comfortable place to grab a drink or a snack and relax for a moment. Or, use this space to entertain your clients and watch the live show as someone might at home.

Unique to Vibration is the ample video infrastructure incorporated into its design. The lounge quickly converts into a production environment providing a space that supports both broadcast and 4k film productions with monitoring, backup ISO records, multi-viewers, and intercom making it a complete production solution.

Vibration has been field tested and show-proven. This music row level facility is ready for your next production!


Detailed Truck Specifications

Production Systems

Primary and secondary mix booths allow for dual audio operation or use as a video production booth or production management facility
Multiple fly-pack systems are available to allow for both audio and video production

Audio Facilities
Studer Vista 9 62 Fader Console (5.1/7.1 capable)
2 VistaFX Lexicon Units
256 Remote Inputs / 128 Remote Outputs over 4 Fiber Stageboxes
128 Local Inputs / 128 Local Outputs
2 DirectOut Andiamo 2.XT Analog/AES MADI Converters
1 DirectOut M.1k2 16 port MADI Router
2 ProTools HD 128 track MADI Multitrack Recorders
4 JoeCo BlackBox 64 track MADI Multitrack Recorders
1 Waves Plugin Server with Mercury Bundle

8 Sennheiser Shotgun Mics
4 Telefunken M80 Handheld Mics
2 Audio Technica Wired Lav Mics
2 Audio Technica 2021 Condenser Mics
2 AKG C214 Condenser Mics
2 Audio Technica BP4073 Shotgun Mics
2 Audio Technica 4022 Condenser Mics
2 Mojave MA-101 Condenser Mics
Shure Axient Wireless Mics (available on request)
Additional Mics available on advance request

Terminal Equipment
32×32 AJA Kumo 3G-SDI Router
2 Multiviewer Outputs
3 HD-SDI AES Audio Embedders
3 HD-SDI AES Audio DeEmbedders
Avocent Matrix KVM System for remote Pro Tools operators
2 HD Distribution Amplifiers

Intercom System
1 RTS ADAM 24-port Digital Matrix Intercom
7 RTS KP-32 intercom stations
4 RTS PL Channels
2 RTS TIF2000a Telephone Interface
1 SAP 612 Dialup
Motorola Radio Interface for 1 Two-Way Channel
6 UHF Two-Way Portable Radios
Freespeak Wireless Intercom (available on request)

Telex Lightweight Headsets for Truck Positions
Sennheiser Single & Double Muff Crew Headsets
David Clark High-Noise Single & Double Muff Crew Headsets

10 RTS BP-325 Beltpacks
RTS 2 Channel Biscuit Boxes
Lectrosonic Wireless IFB Beltpacks (available on request)

Cable Inventory
2000′ DT-12 Audio Multi-Cable
750′ 6 Pair Audio
625′ 5 Wire BNC Mult
4000′ TAC12 Fiber Mult
1400′ Single BNC
5800′ Single XLR
1180′ Cat5 Data Cable
360′ RTS Matrix Intercom Cable
500′ RTS Matrix Intercom 8-pair Mult Cable

Power Requirements
Three Phase, 200 Amps, 208 Volts 3 Hot Legs, 1 Ground, (No neutral required)
200′ feeder cable with camlock connectors

Truck Dimensions
40′ Straight Trailer
GVW – 78,000 Lbs
Dimensions – 44’ L, 9’ W, 13’6” H

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