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Chris Payne Systems Engineer, IT Guru, Master of the Solder, Lord of the Crimp

Chris Payne has always had a knack for all things electronic. Starting his career with a VHS camera and a train set, he created movie reenactments at the age of 8. Chris graduated from MTSU with a Broadcast Production degree and went on to work as a systems integrator, where he started building the video systems for Aspiration and Inspiration. When he had a chance to work directly with TNDV, he jumped at the chance, building up the fleet one truck at a time. Between building trucks, streaming video, and dabbling in Uplink/Downlink systems, he tries his hand at the TNDV Video Arcade.

Favorite Quote:
Did you turn it off and on again?

Favorite Gig:
Federal Wildlife Service: Federal Duck Stamp Contest

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