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Isaac ShawJunior Engineer, Pixel MASTER

At age 12, Isaac Shaw started playing with pixels making motion graphics at church alongside his father, a technical director and electrical audio engineer.

After playing with every piece of lighting, audio, and video gear throughout high school he could get his hands on, Isaac received a scholarship to attend Middle Tennessee State University and soon became a local expert in post-production and started leading the MTSU’s student run film department, Film Guild. There, he was introduced into the multi-cam world where he spent his remaining in the studio or in the mobile truck, learning every position and piece of gear possible from the engineers.

Isaac started heavily freelancing around the south east areas as a replay and graphics operator which would eventually lead to freelancing with TNDV before joining the team full time.

Favorite Quote:
“In a world of talkers, be a thinker and a doer” – Destin Sandlin

Favorite Gig(s):
Arkansas Heart Hospital
CMA Red Carpet

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