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Robert Pace Engineer, Uplink Sales Specialist

Robert literally grew up in TV. His father, Jim Pace, was a freelancer working at WZTV in the 80’s running high-wide camera for the Nashville Sounds games and later for WDCN, now known as NPT. (his little joke is there are few people at NPT that he hasn’t sat in their lap and learned how to do something!) After being raised in the presence of many of the leaders in broadcast video, Robert spent 11 years at WZTV (FOX17) as a news photographer, audio engineer, and microwave & satellite truck engineer. He brings a very wide range of experiences and solutions to video engineering. In his spare time, Robert enjoys working as a DJ and Ham Radio operator (KG4ENY).

Favorite Quote:
“To whom much is given, much is expected”

Favorite Gig:
Trap Shooting competition in Arkansas (although I’ve had a blast at MOST of my gigs)

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