The Studio


Welcome to The Studio at TNDV! We are proud to feature our own 17’ x 30’ studio space, fully equipped with lighting, cameras, audio, and both HD uplink and downlink capability. Prefer to use your own camera package? Great! If you want to bring in your own lighting and grip, that is perfect. The green-screen wall is seamless and we have a chromakey floor that can be installed. Don’t need a green screen? We have a sectional curtain that will give you a nice black backdrop. Are you producing a live SMT? We have dual path Ku band uplink or high speed internet for your SMT needs. If you need a multi-camera option, any of our audio or video fly-packs or trucks could easily be incorporated into this space. Call today to find out more about the studio space and how it can make your productions easier!

✔ Single Camera HD and 4K Packages
✔ Multi-Camera HD and 4K Packages with live switching
✔ Grip Truck Packages available upon request

Standard Lighting Equipment
4 Large LED Backlight Fixtures
2 LED panels with soft boxes
3 Fresnel style LED backlights on dimmers
2 Kino flo DIVA 400 lights

Studio Uplink Equipment List
Vertex 2.4m KU Antenna w/4-port Feed
1 Tandberg EN5990 HD Mpeg4 Encoders
1 Tandberg EN5930 SD Mpeg2 Encoder
1 THOR H-1SDI-DVBS-IF Mpeg2/4 Encoder/Modulator
1 Adtec Media Hub Pro Mpeg2 Encoder/Modulator QPSK/8PSK
1 Newtec DVB/DVB S2 QPSK/8PSK Modulator
2 Advent KU Band Upconverters
2 MCL TWT KU Amplifiers
1 THOR H-HD-IRD-V3 Mpeg2/4 IRD
1 Tandberg 1290 Mpeg2/4 IRD

Downlink/Webstream Equipment List
1.2m KU GeoSat Movable Dish
Mpeg2/Mpeg4 Receiver
Wirecast Webstream Encoder
Digital Rapids TouchStream Encoder available on request

The Studio specializes in live satellite media tours, interview shoots, and corporate video production. The Studio at TNDV has experience producing unique projects, and we would love to help with yours.

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